Long Stay Tourism to be Expected in Thailand

May 05, 2021

As part of Thailand’s bounce-back strategy and as an initiative to claim its position as one of the best post-COVID travel destinations, the country is planning to offer travellers an extended visa that will allow them to stay for up to 90 days. To further accentuate the opportunity the 90 days could be further extended up to 270 days upon submission of relevant documents and particulars. Many economists suggest that this bold move generates up to 12 billion bahts a year and the nation could attain a speedy recovery from the turmoil which it endured due to the pandemic.

This extended visa system however comes with a variety of important health and safety protocols; that is, individuals must undergo a mandatory test and should provide the relevant documents that they are free of the virus when applying for the visa. Even after arriving, they are required to quarantine themselves at a government authorised quarantine hotel establishment. Apart from health and safety precautions they are also required to produce travel plans and accommodation arrangements for the duration that they are planning to stay in Thailand. It has been also advised that tourists at all times should comply with the country’s, disease control measures.

This is a great step in the right direction and hotels like ours are eagerly waiting to receive guests with improved safety measures, better new-normal service standards, and some of the best Bangkok 5 Star hotel deals.