Chang Chui Plane Night Market Bangkok – Best of Bangkok’s Night Life

May 05, 2021

Located on the banks of the fabled Chao Phraya river, amidst a bustling locale, lies a night market with a rather extra-ordinary and peculiar attraction. The attraction is… you guessed it right – a plane – an L-1011 TriStar Lockheed to be exact! If you are curious to know more about this unique night market and wish to know what does a retired aeroplane is doing in the middle of a market, do read on.

The experience

Unlike other night markets in Bangkok, Chang Chui Plane Night Market caters to a specific demographic of those who have a knack for appreciating art – and this certainly shows in all of its appeals! The snazzy and jazzy cafes, the galleries, souvenir boutiques, and clothing stores, all boast an artistic allure and they are indeed designed to draw in all the artsy individuals.

The Market is also divided into two zones in which, one is regarded as the green zone – this is an alcohol-free zone where there are plenty of family-friendly attractions. But unfortunately, most of the stalls, cafes and stores here remain operational only during day time. The other zone, however, gradually comes to life during the late afternoon and it remains lively and vibrant till midnight. In this zone, visitors can enjoy live music, decadent street food, and of course – plenty of booze!

The Plane

Being the source of all the buzz that revolves around the market, the Plane is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the market. It gives the market a rather unique yet enticing ambience and it offers the perfect backdrop for a trending picture for the gram! The is an actual restaurant located within the fuselage of the aircraft but unfortunately, it only opens for special occasions. But worry not, visitors could grab a seat under the plane’s wings for a cocktail at the aptly named runaway bar!

Getting there

Being one of the most popular night markets in the city, getting here is easy and it is, even more, easier if you are stationed at a centrally located Bangkok family hotel like ours. You could also reach here from any part of the city by taxi.