Reasons Why You Should Travel to Bangkok

January 23, 2022

There are many reasons to visit Bangkok. One of the most visited cities in the world, Thailand’s capital is always busy and teeming with life. Attractions with cultural and historical significance dot the city, and shopping malls and street markets turn the city into a haven for shopaholics.

The Grand Palace
A short journey from Pathumwan Princess Hotel is the Grand Palace. This ornate building has great cultural and historical significance. The Emerald Buddha is the main attraction, and the palace is also the venue for important state celebrations. You can get here by BTS Skytrain within minutes from any Bangkok hotel near BTS the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

Street markets
Street markets are a signature trait of Bangkok. The city has several street markets selling a diverse range of items. Locals visit the markets for the best deals while tourists visit for a taste of Bangkok’s local life. Also, most street markets are open all night long.

Shopping malls
In addition to street markets, Bangkok has numerous shopping malls selling everything, including designer items with the best prices. At several times of the year, Bangkok shopping malls offer discounts and price slashes, hoping to attract customers.

The nightlife
The Bangkok nightlife is lively, to say the least. Pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels all come alive at night. With street markets, pubs, and bars packed with people, Bangkok becomes a buzzing beehive that invites night owls.

Another reason to visit Bangkok is the variety of accommodation it offers. From budget hotels to luxury hotels like Pathumwan Princess Hotel, the city has no shortage of accommodation options. On a different note, when choosing a hotel for your holiday, make sure it’s located close to all the city attractions so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time travelling.