How To Spend Chinese New Year in Bangkok

January 22, 2022

Festivals are inherent to Thai culture. There are a number of festivals that are important to Thai people, and one such festival is the Chinese New Year. Dragon dancers and firecrackers take the centre stage around the time of the Chinese New Year.

Celebrations in Chinatown
The whole city takes a festive note when it’s time for the Chinese New Year; however, Chinatown is the leading locale for the festival; this part of Bangkok comes alive with a festive and joyous spirit, and banquets and fanfare are all part of the festival. On a different note, Pathumwan Princess Hotel is located just 9 minutes from Chinatown, so if you choose to visit Bangkok from January to February and stay with us, you are in for a joyful holiday filled with festivities.

Other parts of the city
With restaurants, shops, and shopping malls hanging new year decorations, other parts of Bangkok take on a festive note, too. If you are staying at a Bangkok city hotel like the Pathumwan Princess Hotel during this time of year, you’ll be served an array of delicious new year dishes like Chinese dumplings, steamed chicken, spring rolls, hot pot, and Chinese steamed fish with ginger shallot sauce.

Chinese New Year traditions
The Chinese New Year isn’t a holiday in Thailand; however, Chinese residents in Bangkok tend to take days off work to celebrate the festival. Most people visit their families and friends, and children are given red envelopes full of money as gifts!

Where to enjoy the festivities
Bangkok Chinatown is the best place to see the festivities. Firecrackers, acrobatic dancers, dragon parades, and heaps of food become part of the place during the festival time. Charoen Krung Street and Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, in particular, burst with decorations and festivities during this time.

Find the right accommodation
If you are here in Bangkok for the Chinese New Year, make sure to stay close to the festivities. You can find hotels and resorts around Chinatown, and among them is our hotel, which is a luxury five-star city hotel