Tips for a safe outdoor workout during the pandemic

December 15, 2021

Working out at an outdoor spot while there’s a pandemic at large might be risky, but not impossible. The pandemic emphasised the importance of health and wellness which makes exercising necessary. Although the worst stage of the pandemic has come to an end, the risk of the virus still seems to linger – and it will for some time to come. So, the best thing, and the only thing, anyone can do is to maintain their health.

Exercise social distancing
Avoid crowded areas and find a place where you can adhere to social distancing rules. With hotels like Pathumwan Princess Hotel, this shouldn’t be too difficult as they provide a safe outdoor space inside the hotel where guests can work out without the fear of the virus. For example, the hotel’s fitness centre, The Olympic Club, offers an extensive array of workout options at its 100 workout stations; these include exercise classes, the swimming pool, the boxing ring, badminton courts, and the skyline jogging track.

Avoid conversation
When talking, you release droplets of saliva, which could contaminate the atmosphere if you were to have the virus. So, for the sake of everyone’s safety, including yours, it’s best to avoid the conversation altogether.

Watch out for symptoms
If you have the faintest sign of the symptoms, you should avoid working out. You can rest for a few days and let your body do its work, but if the symptoms don’t go away, you need to consult a doctor and get medical assistance.

Wear a face mask
It doesn’t matter if you are staying at a Bangkok city hotel with perfectly safe and hygienic conditions, you still need to wear a mask when going out for exercise – always make sure you wear one when leaving your hotel room, even if you are only going to the gymnasium of the hotel.

Don’t skip meals
If you want your body to fight the virus, you need to provide it with plenty of sustenance. You should eat three healthy meals a day and drink plenty of water. Eggs, milk, fish, raw vegetables, and fresh fruits are the best food choices for an active person who likes to be out and about.