7 Short things to do in Bangkok

February 22, 2022

Bangkok is the essence of Thailand’s chaotic and vibrant charm. With the street markets, mega shopping malls, cultural attractions, museums, theme parks, and a great many accommodation choices, Bangkok invites travellers with a taste for new experiences. If you are planning to visit Bangkok any time soon, here are 7 things you should do.

Visit the Grand Palace
Just 19 minutes from Pathumwan Princess Hotel is the magnificent Grand Palace. With its resplendent beauty and cultural and architectural appeal, the palace draws tourists from around the world. Whether you are here for leisure or business, a visit to this awe-inspiring architectural creation is a must.

Chatuchak Market
The largest street market of its kind, Chatuchak Market is a semi-outdoor market that can be visited within 20 minutes from our hotel. With around 15,000 stalls, the market sells everything from pet supplies to clothes to jewellery to gift items – there isn’t anything you won’t find here, and you’d probably find what you want at a lower price.

Jim Thompson House
This is a unique attraction that Bangkok is known for. This was once a private home that belonged to Jim Thompson, an American businessman who moved to Bangkok. Thompson was an honourable citizen of Thailand and acclaimed for his contribution to the silk industry. His house is now a museum that enlightens visitors.

Lumpini Park
Amidst the characteristic chaos of Bangkok is Lumpini Park, a rare sight of greenery. Fringed by a lake, the park provides a much-needed respite from the city’s bustle. You can relax on the lawn or take a walk around the park.

River cruises
The Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of Bangkok. Nicknamed the ‘king of rivers’, the Chao Phraya River offers you the opportunity to see the beauty of Bangkok from a different perspective. A night cruise with dinner is the best choice!

For a consummate Bangkok experience, you must explore the city’s shopping malls. Our hotel is surrounded by mega shopping malls and street markets so that you can do a bit of shopping without having to spend too much time on the road. It doesn’t matter if you spend your entire day at a meeting space in Bangkok, you must add shopping to your list of things to do!

Enjoy the delights of a luxury hotel
Bangkok is packed with all kinds of hotels and resorts, ranging from budget to mid-range to luxury. For the best experience, however, you should consider choosing an all-encompassing luxury hotel.