Top 5 most popular Thai foods

February 22, 2022

The food scene in Thailand is one of the main draws for tourists. Thai food has gained worldwide popularity, and there are Thai eateries in almost every country. Dining here is not limited to high-end restaurants; street markets are the main attraction when it comes to dining in Thailand. If you have plans to visit Thailand in the near future, here are the top 5 most popular Thai foods you must try.

Papaya Salad
Whether you are staying at a Bangkok hotel 5-star luxury or a budget hotel, papaya salad is a signature Thai dish that’s served everywhere in Thailand. A delicious concoction of spices, shredded papaya and fish sauce, papaya salad tops the list of Thai foods.

Hot and Sour Prawn Soup
A popular comfort food, hot and sour prawn soup, also known as Tom Yum, is another must-try dish. Tomatoes, chillies, lime leaves, and shrimp are the main ingredients of the dish. Meats like chicken can be added upon request, and we at Pathumwan Princess Hotel are always happy to customise the dish for you.

Thai Style Fried Noodles (Pad Thai)
Another Thai dish, Pad Thai can be found in any Thai restaurant in the world, but for the most classic Thai flavour, you have to travel to Thailand. This fried noodle dish is served up with generous portions of shrimp and meat.

Mango with Sticky Rice
Ripe mango and rice might not sound like the best combination of foods, but Thai people have found a way to make it a killer combo. Rice is cooked and mixed with sugar and coconut milk to make sticky rice, and then it’s combined with juicy slices of ripe mango!

Chicken Coconut Soup
This delicious soup is made with coconut milk and chicken. The base of the soup is creamy coconut milk, and ginger and lemongrass are the other two main components of the soup. The soup is absolutely delicious, and it is also nutritious!