Things to Know when visiting bars during COVID19

February 16, 2021

Although the majority of the bars and nightlife establishments during the pandemic are closed, few have been permitted to open by adhering to strict COVID 19 safety measures. Here are some things that you should know when you are visiting a bar during a pandemic.


No mixing and intermingling


Supposing you are visiting a Bangkok hotel bar the likes of The Studio Bar at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, you will have to stay and enjoy your time being in your designated zone – bear in mind that you should not go near other groups mixing and intermingling with them. For your convenience, bars such as these have changed their seating arrangements so that this wouldn’t happen.


General safety practices


Even though you are within the confines of a sanitized and clean space, make sure that you always wear a mask –  wash your hands occasionally whenever you come in contact with a foreign object and always maintain a distance of at least a meter from others. Only remove your mask while you are drinking or eating.


Avoid the dance floor


No matter how enticing the music is, refrain from heading out to the dancefloor. Try and avoid entertainment activities such as playing billiards, darts, heading out to the pool, or karaoke, as these activities increase the risk of you contracting the virus.


Avoid prolonged interaction with staff


Keep your social interaction to a minimum – speak to the staff only when you need to. Also, bear in mind that one should not visit more than one nightlife establishment in a day for obvious reasons.