Bangkok Nightlife – Bars in business again

April 06, 2021

The nightlife of Bangkok had lost its former glory during the darker months of 2020 as the world suffered from the pandemic. But now, things are gradually changing, the streets now blossom with life and they dazzle with color as bars and pubs are now allowed to open till 11.00 pm. These establishments now are also permitted to serve alcohol during open hours. Due to this change, street food vendors and many of the city’s nightlife attractions are also being left open for tourists and locals till late hours.

This decision has been made since the spread of the virus is being contained successfully and as an effort to let tourism thrive again as it once was. Although the authorities are easing the restrictions, despite allowing live music, the customers of such establishments aren’t allowed to dance and they have been still advised to follow the “usual” safety measures.

Before visiting a crowded space such as a bar, a nightclub, or a pub, bear in mind that the risk of contracting the disease still remains eminent. If you wish to reduce the risk, however, you could choose to relax and unwind at a Bangkok hotel bar situated at a premier hotel establishment the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel. At these properties, hygiene measures are strictly maintained hence, it is less likely for you to contract the disease.