Nature spots in Bangkok with amazing wildlife

April 06, 2021

Though the central regions of Bangkok city are congested with people and man-made edifices, the outskirts of the city feature an entirely different scene. One could see a lot of greenery and with it comes a variety of fauna that calls such lands home. If you are a nature lover and looking for a change of scenery from the chaos and colours of Bangkok here are few nature spots that will also offer you glimpses of magnificent wildlife.

South Bangkok Shrimp Farms

Though this area has been reserved for commercial shrimp farming, the surrounding region and the marshlands are home to numerous wildlife species. The region is renowned for its avifauna – where numerous local and migratory birds can be spotted hunting for fish and stopping by for some refreshment. But the main draw to the region is its otter population. Numerous families of smooth-coated otters inhabit the marshy wetlands and travellers can see them at play during most times of the day.

Rama IX Park

Located in proximity to Bangkok’s most notable attractions such as the paradise mall and the second square, the Rama IX Park is a well-landscaped garden that draws and a steady population of birds, smaller mammals and amphibians because of its greenery. It has numerous water bodies and trees and it thus attracts a variety of migratory birds offering them sanctuary. The park comes in as a quick stopping point for the birds for they replenish themselves with food and water here at the park. Offering glimpses of spectacular sceneries and oodles of rare and colourful birds, the park is indeed a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Lat Krabang Wetlands

Yet another region that is sought after by birders around the world, the Lat Krabang Wetlands is also a sanctuary for both local and migratory birds. On a good day during winter months, an average birdwatcher could spot well over 50 different bird species and the region also supports a variety of aquatic and amphibious creatures as well.

Visiting the attractions

If you are stationed at a centrally located Bangkok city hotel the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel, reaching these sites would be significantly easy. You could reach out to the front desk for transportation facilities and even guided tours could be arranged with the assistance of the hotel.