Thailand Races To Introducing The 1st Digital Nomad Visa In Southeast Asia

August 05, 2021

The pandemic has indeed changed the way how we perceive life! As a part of it, it has changed the way we work as well. With millions of people now adapting to the work-from-home culture, many are testing out the possibilities of working remotely overseas at a comfortable and cosy location. This is what is driving more and more people to adopt the digital nomad movement.

Even though the movement was something that originated during the dawn of the 21st century with the invention of the internet, Many have become drawn to this lifestyle after the pandemic. Being a peaceful and affordable travel destination with countless opportunities to explore, Thailand is one of the most favoured digital nomad destinations in the world. The country has a friendly environment for these individuals and there are plenty of Bangkok 5 Star hotel deals from properties the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel targeting digital nomads and offering them opportunities to relish a memorable stay. Seeing these developments as an opportunity to promote tourism and improve the national economy, the government is now taking initiatives to introduce the first digital nomad visa in South Asia.

According to local news media, the new visa allows an individual to stay in Thailand for up to 4 years and allows them to work legally enjoying a slew of additional benefits. Details about the new visa, its eligibility criteria, and its conditions are still under discussion, experts say that it will be introduced within 2021. If you are considering taking advantage of this option, stay updated with reliable Thai news media.