Khao San Road – Story of the world’s most famous travel hub

April 06, 2021

Although The Khao San Road is regarded by many as one of south-east Asia’s most popular travel hubs today, It had a very humble beginning. Once upon a time, that is during the 18th century, the street was merely a narrow route where locals peddled rice – quite a lot of it! As time progressed, the region flourished and thrived in the rice trade. Numerous stores and facilities were built on either side of the road and along with it, the region started brimming with traders and vendors.

By the latter part of the 19th century, the region became home to the largest rice market in Siam giving rice to numerous trade opportunities and thus, started to draw a lot of people to the region. Along with the trade the road was renovated and expanded over several times and in 1892 it became large enough to be recognized as a popular route and was aptly named Soi Khao San – which translates as the “rice milled lane”.

Gradually the region also became a hub for producing and selling other commodities such as clothing, jewellery and leather products. As the region’s population started to grow to significant proportions, facilities for entertainment such as Thai classical theatres, music houses, and silent movie theatres were also built. But the region reached the peak of its popularity in the late 20th century – when backpacking became a seemingly growing trend. With the influx of travellers and backpackers around the globe, the region and the street became the ultimate terminus for the Asian hippie trail. This trend continues to draw travellers and thus, to this date the Khao San Road remains one of the most popular travel destinations in Thailand.

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