Extended dine-in hours for Bangkok restaurants

March 17, 2021

Thai Government’s pandemic response centre has recently announced that restaurants in the capital -Bangkok are now permitted to serve dinner till 11.00 pm. Though serving and consumption of Alcohol are still banned.


The announcement further stated that bars and nightlife attractions will remain closed and the neighbouring regions apart from the capital are not obligated to this new change. The spokespersons of the centre addressed the media that banning alcoholic beverages and constraining opportunities for people to gather is necessary to curb the spread of the virus.


Until the announcement, dine-in hours for restaurants had been restricted from 6.00 am to 9.00 pm for restaurants in Bangkok. This news comes in as a crucial development in the process of pandemic control and hence top restaurants in Bangkok at premier hotels such as Pathumwan Princess could serve their patrons better allowing them to dine in comfort for a longer period of time.


Despite the restrictions being eased, Bangkok remains a high-risk zone and the members of the general public and foreigners are still advised to practice caution and to adhere to health and safety measures that have been instructed by WHO and the local government.