Bangkok Orders Compulsory Use of Masks within the City

July 08, 2021

As a preventative measure and in order to curb the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, wearing masks have been made compulsory in Bangkok. The local media has stated that violators will be charged a hefty fine amount that could go up to 20 000 baht or even face legal charges. Travellers and tourists will also have to adhere to this new law as the same penalties will apply to them as well. This regulation is being imposed due to a sudden surge of infections in Bangkok and the spread of newer strains of the virus in neighbouring nations. Officials also stated that even though it is under control, added safety measures will aid the authorities to keep the number of infections low.

Many Bangkok city hotel options such as the Pathumwan Princess Hotel have also adapted to new normal practices and advises its guests to follow safety precautions and regulations imposed by the local government. Medical professionals highly appreciate the new law, hence they believe this as a collective effort will aid the country to battle against the newer strains of the virus. So if you are planning to visit Bangkok after the country’s reopening, make sure that you follow the health and safety guidelines announced by the government.