5 Reasons Why You Should Try Italian Food

November 22, 2020

Being one of the most popular food cultures in the world, Italian cuisine is loved by many. Moreover, it is one of the most preferred food options in restaurants around the globe. Here are five reasons why you should try Italian food.


Italian cuisine embraces carbs!

Unlike other food cultures, Italian cuisine offers foodies a variety of options to consume carbs. Be it in the form of bread, pasta, buns or the much-loved pizzas, Italian cuisine, offers carbs in a more palatable way The best part is, due to the popularity of these food items, they have made their way into the menus of restaurants and eateries that do not have an Italian origin.


Italian food is simple and it is more accessible

Many of Italy’s famous food items just have a few ingredients; they are also very easy to make and are extremely healthy. Due to this, Italian cuisine has merged with many food cultures around the globe! It has also been made very accessible hence, you could find Italian restaurants around the globe and Terrazza Italian Restaurant which is a popular Italian restaurant in Bangkok is one such example.


Italian cuisine has a prominent place for unique vegetables

Italian cuisine is highly sought after for its use of decadent and unique vegetables in the making of food items. This indeed drastically improves the flavour of the food items hence they are more palatable. Even some greens and vegetables that are very much overlooked in other food cultures are given a prominent place in Italian cuisine. Vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes, capsicums, and chillies are few of such ingredients. They also use an assortment of herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary along with many others which gives the food more pronounced and scintillating flavours.


Cured meats

Italian cuisine features a delectable array of cured meat items and they have their unique way of making them. These meat items are usually sliced thinly and are consumed with a variety of bread and bun items that Italy is famous for. Some of the cured meat items that are commonly enjoyed in Italy are, salami, pancetta, speck, guanciale, capicola and more!


Dairy Products

Italians love their cheese and they are more famous for their cheese than any other food products produced in Italy. In fact, cheese varieties such as Mozzarella, Ricotta, Gorgonzola, and Mascarpone originate from Italy. And there is heavy cream and the plain old frothy cow’s milk which are used in the making of a variety of food items. Your favourite cup of cappuccino and latte are also inventions from Italy!