Coffee the perfect travel Companion

June 09, 2021

Being a globally enjoyed beverage, coffee could be savoured anywhere on the planet and due to its availability, it is dubbed as the perfect travel companion. Read on to know more reasons as to why coffee is your best travel companion.

The health benefits

Despite popular misbeliefs, when consumed moderately, coffee could induce numerous health benefits! Coffee could lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and it could increase mindfulness. It could reduce depression and even help you burn fat. When consumed in moderation over a long period, it has been identified that it could also reduce your risk of you having Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and Dementia. As for the benefits during travel, it could help you stay alert by giving you that needed energy boost, reduce your fatigue and improve your mood.


Coffee is a common amenity at many resorts and hotel establishments. At hotels like the Pathumwan Princess Hotel, you can enjoy coffee completely free of charge in your room as you would get a coffee maker along with espresso cartridges and instant coffee sachets for your convenience. Also if you prefer to sample some exclusive varieties of this beverage you could always visit the t@Lobby – regarded as a unique coffee shop in Bangkok our hotel’s in-house café offers you a flavourful array of coffees to choose from. Coffee is considered one of the most commonly available and drunk beverages – not only in Bangkok but all around the globe too!

While on a holiday

If you have the right set of equipment – which could be easily found at a hotel room, and the right set of ingredients that could be easily procured at any convenience store, you could make your own cup of coffee with no to a little bit of know-how. And making your own coffee can be quite rewarding and therapeutic too!