Don’t miss out on these authentic dishes at MBK

December 31, 2021

Bangkok’s touristy appeal is multi-layered. Of course, culture, history, and sightseeing are at the top of the list, but dining is one of the many things that makes Bangkok attractive to tourists. MBK centre, a massive shopping mall located just two minutes from our hotel, offers a diverse mixture of aromas and tastes for those who like a novelty when it comes to food.

Basil Pork Rice
If you want to add a unique relish to your culinary experience, walk over to MBK for a dish of basil pork rice. A combination of minced meat saturated in soy sauce and the essence of basil, basil pork rice is a delightful mix of flavours, served at MBK and street markets and the top restaurants in Bangkok.

Kway Chap
For soup-style comfort food, go for kway chap. A local favourite, kway chap is different from the version you find in Singapore. Many herbs are added to give it a strong flavour, and rice rolls are its most popular accompaniment.

Egg noodles
Also served at our on-site restaurants, egg noodles are a quintessential Thai dish. Crabmeat and pork chops can be added to the dish according to your preference. Usually eaten for dinner, egg noodles can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Fried oyster
A dish of fried oysters is just the thing to cheer yourself up. The juicy oysters are mixed with flour and eggs to give them a soft and tasty crust. Served at our restaurants, the fried oyster is an all-time Bangkok favourite.

Fried rice
A staple dish in Bangkok and many other Asian cities, fried rice has to be the tastiest version of rice. Made with generous amounts of vegetables, meat, and eggs, a dish of steaming fried rice is sure to add a delightful note to your Bangkok tour!