How to plan a workcation in Thailand

March 17, 2021

With the Pandemic taking over the world by storm, 2020 was the year when working from home became an inevitable working condition for professionals. With the only requirement of a steady internet connection and a PC, working from home has now become one of the most prominent attributes of the new normal. Although it has its benefits, with people working from the confines of their houses for nearly a year, this life-saving remedy is now taking a toll on people’s mental health. So what is everyone doing to tackle this problem? A workcation is the answer!


What is a workcation?


The term workcation wasn’t that popular before the pandemic, but now many professionals are leaving their households with their laptops to different destinations around the world for a change of scenery and for a relaxing environment to continue their work. Workcations are more like a vacation but instead of being crammed and stuck within your home, you would work amidst a more relaxed space surrounded by the scenery of your choice. The key to a great workcation is choosing the right destination and a place to stay which comes replete with all of the facilities that you need to work without any hindrances.


Why Thailand is an ideal destination for workcation?


Workcation isn’t all about working, it should also contain the essence of a vacation! hence, you should allow some time to relax and unwind doing things that you would love. These activities could include exploring a scenic destination, enjoying new culinary experiences, partaking in entertaining activities, and many others which you prefer doing when you are on a vacation. To do all these and work simultaneously, Thailand has plenty of options. If you opt to stay in a dedicated business hotel in Bangkok the likes of our establishment –  Pathumwan Princess Hotel, bear in mind it comes replete with accommodation options that are ideal for professionals. Dedicated co-working spaces, meeting venues, and a host of exclusive privileges are part and parcel of the Pathumwan Princess Workcation experience as well.


Things to remember when planning a workcation in Thailand


Since you will have to stay connected with your work, make sure that you do not venture far from your place of stay. Do not overindulge – keep the enjoyment in moderation since you will have to concentrate on work as well. Importantly, bring with you all the necessities that you require to work – all the essential equipment – your laptop, travel adapters, and an ample supply of medications if you have any medical conditions. Also, many accommodation options have specialized offers for those who prefer to stay in for a longer period –  so take advantage of such opportunities by doing thorough research on your destination and accommodation options before packing your bags.