Book a table in Bangkok

February 16, 2021

Being one of the most popular travel destinations in Thailand and the country’s trade capital, Bangkok is home to a multitude of restaurants that offer you exclusive and memorable dining experiences. Located at the very heart of this bustling metropolis, the Pathumwan Princess Hotel alone features eight different restaurants that let you indulge in a world-class culinary expedition! Due to their central location, many of these resort establishments show up when you type out the search phrase as well. Read on to know at which restaurant you should book a table to relish the best of Bangkok’s fine dining experiences!


Kongju Korean Restaurant


The Kongju Korean restaurant brings you the best of Korean dining here in Thailand with dishes made to perfection in the hands of skilled chefs. The use of fresh and unique ingredients imported from Korea itself, adds new dimension and depth to the dining experience. Also all of the restaurant’s marinades, sauces and condiments are homemade which further accentuates the tastes and aromas of the meals you try.


Terrazza Italian Restaurant


The Terrazza Italian Restaurant seamlessly blends traditional Italian fare with carefully selected ingredients – offering you the perfect flavors of the Mediterranean! The scintillating food creations at Terrazza are made by the resident Italian chef Giordano Roscini. With its salubrious ambience and immaculate surroundings, the dining experience certainly transports you back to Italy!


Citi Bistro


At City Bistro, guests get to relish international food favorites with the freedom to choose what they like from extensive buffets! Cold salads, freshly made soups, an assortment of delightfully delicious starters and meticulously made mains, the restaurant offers you’re an opportunity to enjoy the pinnacle of an all-you-can-eat extravaganza!




t@Lobby comes in more as a coffee shop rather than a restaurant, and yet it lets you choose from a wide variety of bakery goods ranging from flaky and fluffy pastries with sweet and savory fillings, sandwiches and luscious ice creams. Surrounded by a tranquil yet lively ambience you could wile away your time relaxing with an assortment of cold and hot beverages in the company of your loved one during your time here!


Studio Bar


Masterfully mixed cocktails, signature spirits and a wide array of light and delightful snacks – these are all a glimmer of what you would enjoy at the Studio Bar. It is an idyllic space to add a splash of color to lazy evenings and to stir things up!


Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant


Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant brings you a plethora of fine and flavorful seafood dishes from authentic Thai curries to decadent main dishes! The culinary team at the restaurant have a keen eye for perfection and everything here is made with love – which is exactly why the food items served here are seen as culinary masterpieces!


Ping’s Hotpot Restaurant


Embracing the concept of sharing, this restaurant offers its guests a rather unique and enticing dining experience! The restaurant lets you choose from a variety of food items among which the hotpot is the most preferred and exciting one to pick.


Tatsumi Japanese Restaurant


Being one of the most sought-after Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, this restaurants boasts a surreal dining setting which replicates a traditional dining space in Japan. The ingredients for the illustrious and unique dishes are flown in several times weekly all the way from Tokyo and everything here is made with precision by talented chefs. Meticulously made sushi and sashimi are the specialties of this restaurant!