Exciting Thai Beverages To Quench Your Thirst

March 20, 2022

The magical nation of Thailand is popular amongst travellers for many reasons. One such reason is the variety of authentic beverages it has to offer. Due to Thailand’s tropical climate, the tasty Thai beverages are perfect to enjoy during a vacation. From iced tea and coffee to alcoholic beverages, you will discover plenty of drinks served at top restaurants in Bangkok. Here are some popular Thai beverages you can try out as you explore the country.

Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea)
When you talk about Thai beverages, Cha Yen is the most popular and arguably the most delicious drink. As a mixture of tea leaves and condensed milk, Cha Yen has a uniquely satisfying flavour that is perfect for everyone. This drink is typically served cold but you can choose to have it hot, too. If you visit t@Lobby at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, you can savour Cha Yen in luxury and style!

Oliang (Thai Iced Coffee)
This is another popular drink easily found anywhere in Thailand. Oliang is a mixture of coffee and other ingredients like sesame seeds, cardamom, corn, and soybeans. You can opt for the cold or the hot version of the drink, and if you are a fan of milky beverages, try Cafe Boran, a mix of Oliang and milk.

Thai Beer
When it comes to must-try alcoholic beverages in Thailand, Thai Beer is at the top of the list. The two Thai beer brands “Singha” and “Chang” offer distinct flavours and incredible value for money to beer lovers. So if you ever visit Thailand, make sure to give it a try and relish the taste of a cold one!

Nom Yen (Milk with Syrup)
Nom Yen is a popular beverage amongst kids and teenagers. Delicious Nom Yen is prepared by mixing red or green colourful syrup with milk. Locals prefer enjoying this with other local Thai food. If you are a fan of milky drinks, Nom Yen will not cease to amaze you.

Thai Whisky
Thai Whisky is the perfect alcoholic beverage to indulge yourself in a relaxing atmosphere. Known for their affordability, Mekhong and Sangsom are the two most popular brands in Thailand’s Whisky industry. If you wish to attend a party, make sure to savour its flavour for a memorable experience. Pathumwan Princess Hotel offers a range of alcoholic beverages at its world-class restaurants and bars coupled with mouth-watering dishes.