Best Night Markets To Visit During Your Bangkok Trip

August 26, 2021

Seeking ways to get up close and personal with Bangkok’s unique culture and its local life? Exploring the city’s vibrant and varied night markets could be a good place to start! Read on to know about some of the bustling yet eclectic night markets in Bangkok.


Although it cannot be entirely deemed as a night market, it is a region that boasts the perfect amalgamation of a chic modern mall and a night bazaar. Here you could find both ultra-modern and ordinary shopping establishments which cater to a different demographics of the population. There are flagship stores of premium brands as well as eateries that serve up cheap yet delectable delicacies. If you are up for a unique yet enticing nightlife experience, Asiatique is a must-visit night market in Bangkok.

Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Market

As the name suggests, the key attraction of this market is… you guessed it right, the plane. Right at the centre of the market area, travellers will find a shell of a decommissioned place which now has a restaurant in it. Although access to the restaurant is limited, it is incredibly surreal to see something that doesn’t connect with the aesthetic of the rest of the region. Visitors can also see a variety of souvenir shops which specialise in selling artwork and handicrafts. There are a number of cafes and eateries here as well.

Chatuchak Friday Night Market

Being a centrally located night market that is placed in proximity to Bangkok hotel bars at establishments like Pathumwan Princess Hotel Bangkok, Chatuchak Friday Night Market is an idyllic and colourful place to visit on a Friday night. It features numerous stalls and shops that sell everything from cheap electronic goods, clothing items, and accessories. There are also plenty of street food stalls here that serve up authentic Thai delicacies for you to try out! Also, if you plan on visiting here, bear in mind that as the name suggests, the Market is only open on Friday nights.

Khaosan Road

Dubbed as the backpacker’s paradise in Bangkok, this is a road and a market area where backpackers around the world congregate to procure supplies and essentials at incredibly lucrative rates. One could find everything from rucksacks, bags, hiking equipment, and even establishments that make tailored suits here. Intrepid travellers could also opt for services such as banking and money exchange, medical facilities, and even find travel guides here.