2 Days in Bangkok: The Ultimate 48-Hour Itinerary

November 04, 2021

For all those travellers out there who have got limited time with their visit to Bangkok, you are sure to want to explore as much of this city as possible. Here’s a brief guide on how to make the most of a two-day trip to Bangkok so that you don’t miss out too much on what this metropolis has to offer.

Day 1
Off to an early start
When time is not on your side, you’ve got to forget about sleeping in late and be up and ready by 7 am at least. If you are to avoid the massive crowds at the busiest attractions in Bangkok, starting your day early is key. Skip the western breakfast at the hotel and set off to the closest river pier. For your first adventure, head to the Grand Palace by boat (because this is much cheaper and more exciting than any other mode of transport). You’ll arrive there early enough to have breakfast from a little food boutique closer to the attraction. Follow the crowd to The Grand Palace and you’ll be there on time when the gates open at 8:30 am.
Exploring this attraction can take a few hours or an entire day. But that depends on how thoroughly you want to explore…or how much you can take off the pushy drivers and scammers before wanting to set off for lunch.

Your day after lunch
Once you’re done relishing a local delight at one of the restaurants close by, it’s time to explore all the temples that are situated around The Grand Palace. Wat Arun is a temple located opposite the banks of the Chao Phraya River and Wat Pho has the largest collection of Buddha figurines in the city. Not to mention the 150-foot long golden statue of the Reclining Buddha! It’s definitely worth a visit.
Once you are done exploring the temples, the busiest part of Bangkok, you deserve to cool off. Head to the city’s latest mall known as IconSIAM and hang out there until it’s time for dinner.

Nightlife & entertainment
Keeping in mind that you’ve got to wake up early the next day as well, you can set off to explore Bangkok’s nightlife. You can start off at Studio Bar by Pathumwan Princess Hotel and then head to one of the hotel restaurants for some dinner. How about some Italian? Or maybe Korean BBQ? Perhaps some Sushi? You’ll never run out of options for food when it comes to the city of Bangkok. Take your pick and enjoy! Once that’s done, head over to the red-light district for some excitement with DJ music, sweat it out on the dance floors of one of the many lively clubs and indulge in a few cold beverages of your liking as well.

Day 2
A leisurely start is alright
After all the fun you’ve had the previous night, it’s bound to be difficult to be up by 7 am this time. Take your time and rest well. Start your day around 9:30 am. Have a relaxed breakfast at your 5 star hotel in Bangkok and indulge in be off to enjoy a bit of retail therapy.
If you happen to be here during the weekend, head hit the weekend markets to do some people watching and purchase all your souvenirs. Do your rounds at the Chatuchak Floating Market as well (this is highly recommended by many travellers)
If you feel your energy levels dropping and the tiredness sets in, that can be fixed with an inexpensive Balinese massage to help you revitalize before lunchtime.

Lunchtime and after
How about lunch on the go? Head over to Chinatown for an absolutely amazing experience with all the Chinese silk stalls, jade shops and chinaware boutiques. While you are at it, enjoy some delicious Chinese food for lunch as well. After downing your lunch, explore the Wat Traimit, the temple that’s home to the Golden Buddha. This statue is said to weigh 5.5 pounds (pure gold) and has a value of $250 million! You can hit the malls again and enjoy the cool air conditioning while gawking at the entertaining architecture, shops and entertainment options you’ll see inside.

Nightlife once again
The perfect place to hang out after dusk would be Asiatique, a riverside bazaar with plenty of entertainment. You can opt to take it slow here while enjoying the cool night air with dinner by a restaurant overlooking the waters.
If you feel up to it, you could also choose to spend the last night of your holiday at yet another club with a few drinks as the party continues in full swing.