Bangkok: A Wide Range of Activities and Breathtaking Sights to See

May 05, 2021

Being a metropolis in the making, Bangkok is a city that boasts an impressive skyline. Apart from the city’s contemporary edifices, it features a brilliant array of historic monuments and establishments throughout its expanse. Thus, Bangkok is a city that seamlessly blends historic splendour and modern elegance – a city that is ideal for exploring! If you are planning to visit the city anytime soon and decide on staying at a centrally located Bangkok city hotel such as ours, here are few enticing things you could do and breathtaking sights your could see!

Embark of a culinary adventure

Having an exquisite and decadent cuisine that is preferred and loved by many all over the world, Thai food culture is something that you should explore during your time here. And what better place could you embark on a culinary expedition than Bangkok – the street food capital of Thailand! One could savour a wide range of food favourites in the markets and at the most bustling spots around Bangkok. The street food vendors here sell everything from deep-fried goodies, grilled meat items, salads to authentic Thai soup dishes. You could also visit any of our hotel’s restaurants to indulge in a world-class dining experience savouring a variety of international food favourites and local delicacies

Visit the historic monuments

Being a city that is drenched in history, there are plenty of sites where you could visit to understand the legacy and heritage of Bangkok. The Grand Palace being one such culturally and historically significant sites offer you an opportunity to indulge in immaculate vistas. The palace complex is composed of a wide array of buildings which include private quarters, courtyards and convention halls – it also features a variety of temples and well-landscaped gardens. Bangkok National Museum, Suan Pakkad Palace Museum, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, Phayathai Palace are some of the other places that emanate the historic splendour of this amazing city.

For some spiritual wisdom and a visual treat!

Bangkok is home to over a whopping 400 temples and many of them boast stunning architectural features! These temples also feature a profound spiritual ambience within their premises and are ideal for travellers and tourists to relax and meditate. They are also adorned with many notable features that include lavishly decorated inner sanctums, impressive wall paintings and meticulously crafted sculptures.

Entertainment hotspots

Being a popular tourist destination – Bangkok is home to a wide array of entertainment hotspots – if you are visiting with your little ones, there are plenty of theme parks and kid-friendly attractions to choose from – some of them are named, Sea Life Aquarium, Kidzania, Dreamworld, Siam Park City Amusement park. The city is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife and If you are travelling alone or with friends, there are plenty of pubs and nightclubs where you can make merry with a wide array of drinks and decadent food!