Explore The Sea Life Ocean World Aquarium

January 12, 2021

Get ready for a wholesome and enticing exploration experience here during your stay at Pathumwan Princess Hotel! Head out to a curious and exquisite attraction that will redefine what you know about the depths of the ocean at the very heart of Bangkok!


Being considered the best aquarium in Bangkok, and arguably one of the largest and stunning aquariums in the whole of south-east Asia, the Sea Life Ocean World Aquarium is a must-visit attraction here at the capital of Thailand. It spans over an area of a whopping 10 000 sqm with hundreds of unique species of ocean creatures on display. It is an ideal place to take your children for a day-trip during your time at our hotel as it delivers you and your loved ones a fun-filled edutainment experience!


With a myriad of formal learning programs, guided tours, and information-rich displays about sea life, the aquarium offers its patrons vast pools of knowledge about the oceans and it hopes to promote an appreciation towards life at sea. It is an ideal place to take your children – to make them aware of how the oceans are vital for the existence of mankind, and to make them protect and preserve this valuable natural resource!


The Sea Life Ocean World Aquarium features a wide array of unique and rare aquatic species – amongst them, Giant Spider Crabs, Giant pacific octopus, African penguins, stingray sharks, and rare starfishes are the species that you should not miss and keep an eye out for!


The attraction is just a 10-minute drive away from Pathumwan Princess Hotel