Thailand to reopen country for tourism by July

May 05, 2021

Thailand to reopen country for tourism by July

With millions of people who relied on tourism for their sustenance still being unemployed, a number of well-reputed tour operators and corporates of the hospitality industry have launched a campaign to re-open Thailand’s borders for tourism from 1st July 2021.

The initiative has been launched under the hashtag #OpenThailandSafely as a collaborative effort of 15 major brands that include Asian Trails, Minor Group, EXO, YAANA Ventures and many other reputed organisations. The campaign has suggested the effective date as 1st July 2021, and have speculated that the frontline workers of the tourism industry would receive the vaccination by then. The duration allows hotel establishments would take necessary precautions and arrangements to receive the influx of travellers who could visit the country.

With the pandemic still creating ripples upon ripples of turmoil around the globe, many of the nations are under economic and social crisis. This is mainly due to the immediate shutdowns that happened throughout the globe in order to contain the outbreak. With well over a year has gone by since the outbreak, many nations are still struggling to bring the economy to a stable position. Thailand, being a country that predominantly relied on tourism for a considerable portion of its income also went through a turbulent situation as international travel came to a halt during the peak of the pandemic. As many countries started banning international travel, Thailand also closed its borders for tourists, and this immediately affected the livelihoods of people who relied on tourism – resulting in over 2 million people being unemployed.

Today as the vaccines are being produced, the world gradually is recovering from the chaos the pandemic has caused. This in turn has led many nations to open their borders to travellers and tourists. Although many are being hesitant to travel, the number of travellers are increasing by the day and economists say that the numbers could reach the usual figures soon. Reopening Thailand for tourism will certainly help the nation to bounce back and reclaim its position as the most preferred travel destination in the world. Pathumwan Princess Hotel as a reputed 5-star hotel in Bangkok welcomes this idea and are in favour of this initiative – for, we are eagerly waiting to meet and receive guests like once before!