Things you need to know before travelling to Thailand

December 15, 2021

Ideal for a tropical vacation, Thailand is a South Asian nation with a lot to offer. Golden beaches, vibrant night markets, delicious food, excellent accommodation, and temples are a few delights of a Thai vacation. However, Thailand was no exception to the throes of the pandemic; the country underwent the same restrictions and faced similar consequences as every other country.

Basic facts
The number of Covid-19 cases in Thailand has been fluctuating over the last few months, but luckily for tourists, the numbers seem to go down rather than up. Thailand is now open to vaccinated travellers from a list of approved destinations, but they are required to stay in a government-approved hotel until they get their Covid-19 test results.

Approved countries
Canada, Australia, the UK, the US, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea are included in the list of approved countries. The 14-day quarantine rule doesn’t apply to travellers from these countries; however, they need to submit proof of a negative Covid test taken within three days prior to departure.

Hotels such as Pathumwan Princess Hotel have created a safe space for tourists travelling to Bangkok. They have implemented safety measures for both guests and staff to follow. For instance, wearing face masks when in public areas inside the hotel is a requirement, and all the high-touch points are constantly cleaned with an anti-viral cleaning solution.

Exploring and dining
Be sure to wear a face mask when exploring and visit only clean food places. Thailand’s hotels attempt to contain the virus by minimising the number of instances guests have to leave the hotel; this is done by providing an array of onsite eateries. For example, those who love Italian food can find the best Italian restaurant in Bangkok within the premises of Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

Current situation
The situation in Thailand seems to have taken a positive note. The government’s vaccine programme has successfully managed to vaccinate nearly half of the country’s population, and before the end of the year, the country is aiming to take that number up to 70%, making Thailand the perfect tropical destination once again.