4 Must-Visit Attractions In Bangkok To Satiate Your Wanderlust!

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July 10, 2020

Being regarded as one of the top hotels In Bangkok, and being conveniently located amidst Bangkok’s most famed attractions and entertainment hubs, Pathumwan Princess Hotel offers you easy access to a variety of exploration, enjoyment, and infotainment experiences. If you are planning for a day out while you are stationed at our property here are 5 attractions in Bangkok you should consider visiting.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

Located approximately 900 meters away from Pathumwan Princess Hotel, the Sea Life Ocean World is an aquarium that is home to a variety of vibrant marine life and other aquatic creatures. Being an idyllic destination for a family day out, the marine park offers you and your loved ones a memorable edutainment experience in at the heart of Bangkok. Top attractions here are the various aquariums that house marine creatures and they house, vibrant varieties of reef fish, crustaceans, sharks, rays, marine invertebrates, and many more inside them. The main draw to this park however, is its overhead ocean tunnel that allows its visitors to get up-close and personal with marine organisms without having to plunge into the waters.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Being home to numerous relics, artworks, sculptures, and other exhibits that are of great artistic allure and significance, The Bangkok Art & Culture Center is a paradise for art lovers. The exhibits on display belong to different timelines and are all part of ancient Thai heritage and its profound culture. Visit the Bangkok Art & Culture Center for a memorable educational experience.

The Grand Palace

Due to its magnificent outlook and its historic and cultural significance, the Grand Palace is regarded as one of the most popular destinations in Bangkok. The palace was once home to the Thai Royal family and it comprises of well-landscaped gardens, numerous temples, expansive courtyards, living spaces. Surrounded by a surreal ambience. the intricate architecture and proud heritage, the palace has become a major draw to tourists and it is indeed a must-visit if you are in Bangkok.

China Town

Offering its visitors a glimpse of unique sights, amazing smells and curious sounds of Bangkok, China town is a treat for all your senses. The region boasts an eclectic mix of both Chinese and Thai cultures which results in a fascinating travel experience. The region is home to a multitude of street food stalls that lets you savour both Thai and authentic Chinese sweets and savouries. There are also a plethora of stores that sell clothing items, souvenirs, and ornaments. All in all, you will certainly be delighted to explore and experience the china town during your time at our hotel. The attraction is also in proximity to Pathumwan Princess Hotel and it would only take you up to 15 minutes to reach here.