Experience The Newest Walking Path in Town! The Khlong Ong Ang

January 13, 2021

Once a pathway in Bangkok that was avoided by many due to its poorly maintained state and other hazards, has now gotten a huge facelift! It will soon become one of the most trodden pathways in Bangkok which depicts the vividity and liveliness of Bangkok.


The newly renovated pathway lies below Damrong Sathit Bridge adjacent to the Ong Ang Canal offering tourists a vibrant picture of the city’s most overlooked regions where its citizens engaged in trade and built successful waterfront communities. The pathway also takes you through a secondary moat that was constructed in 1783 which was predominantly used by traders who used to transport silk and other valuable commodities. Today the remnants of its legacy remain preserved to a certain extent and it offers glimpses of a time during which life was simple yet wholesome!


The pathway was renovated as part of an initiative by the Thai government to make the region desirable and tourism-friendly and by visiting the site, you would agree that the ulterior motive of the project has been met. Furthermore, the Thai government has many plans to further accentuate and convert the region as one of the most sought-after attractions in the city!


If you are stationed at a Bangkok hotel near BTS the likes of Pathumwan Princess Bangkok, you could easily access the pathway – it makes up for an ideal site for a relaxing and rejuvenating evening walk with your significant other!