5 Hidden gems in Bangkok to explore

January 23, 2022

The city of vibrant colours, Bangkok is one of the Asian cities that’s been ranked over and over again for being the best city to visit. All over the city are cultural sites, museums, street markets, and shopping malls; however, there are a number of attractions that seem to elude tourists.

The Artist’s House
With an air of nostalgia, the Artist’s House is an old wooden house that’s restored and redecorated. Located in Thonburi, the place is off the tourist path. Finding the house can be a little tricky, but it’s worth your time and effort. The boardwalk leading to the house is fringed with a café and several shops selling a variety of items. The main attraction is the life-size statues that are painted in red, white, and black, and the puppet show is another highlight.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Visiting an art gallery displaying contemporary art might not be your idea of fun, but the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bangkok is well worth a visit. With 800 works of art, the museum attracts art lovers and those who like to appreciate Thailand’s artistic talent.

Caturday Cat Café
Want to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee with a bit of furry love? Visit the Caturday Cat Café! Filled with not only coffee and snacks but also with cats, the café has earned a name among cat lovers in Bangkok. In addition to human snacks, the café also sells a variety of cat snacks so that you can feed the every-hungry cats that reside in the café!

Lumpini Park
Providing contrast to the chaotic character of Bangkok, Lumpini Park is one of the scenic attractions in Bangkok. The park is perfect for relaxing, family outings and evening walks, and the river fringing the park is ideal for boat rides.

Double Dog Tea Room
For an authentic tea-time experience, like the one you are offered at a 5-star hotel in Bangkok such as the Pathumwan Princess Hotel, visit the Double Dog Tea Room. The café is located in the centre of Chinatown, but it has a peaceful and calming ambience. If you visit the café, you can sample an array of delicious teas served in ceramic pots and cups along with freshly baked buns and cakes!