Bangkok’s biggest Buddha Image Joins Asia’s Giants

March 17, 2021

Located at the very heart of Bangkok amidst one of the oldest regions of the city, towering over 70 meters above the ground, lies a monumental structure that is ornately decorated in bronze. This is a statue of Lord Buddha sitting cross-legged in a meditating posture; with its construction now complete, it joins the list of Asia’s biggest Buddha statues.


The construction of this megalithic structure started in 2017 and at the moment of completion, it has been estimated at a cost of over 100 Million Baht. The statue is part of Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen temple which is believed to be founded in 1610! Intricately designed and boasting a magnificent outlook, this monument signifies the devotion and continued reverence of Lord Buddha by the people of Thailand.


The site is also significant as the place where the Dhammakaya Buddhist movement was founded. Furthermore, the temple premises that surrounds the monument also features a 12 sided stupa, a building with five floors – a museum, a grand hall, and a shrine. The interior of the temple boasts ornate statues, intricate artworks on the ceilings, and an assortment of appeals which will indeed be a feast for your eyes. It is also ensconced in an aura of tranquility which instils a profound sense of calmness as you wander and explore its surroundings.


Being placed in a central location travellers can easily access the site from any part of the city. You could also reach the site more conveniently if you choose to stay at a 5-star hotel in Bangkok which even provides comfortable transportation facilities.