Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming During Holidays

June 09, 2021

Taking a dip in the pool during a vacation is something that everyone loves to do. Although most people know that swimming is good for their health, have you ever thought about the rewarding benefits it could give you and how it could improve your holiday experience? Read on to know.

Why should you swim in the first place?

Like any other sports and leisure activity, swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Early morning swimming sessions could refresh your organs and could even promote blood flow. As a standalone cardio exercise, it could help you burn up to a whopping 650 calories per hour. And with many resort establishments having their swimming pools, this activity could easily be enjoyed during your holidays. Swimming in waters that have the correct combination of minerals can also induce healing – and is known to rehabilitate injured muscles promoting flexibility.

How to maximise the benefits?

Most hotel establishments have shallow pools and although they could help you freshen up and let you engage in some physical exertion, many of them aren’t suited for a full workout. Options for a Bangkok hotel with pool facilities the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel grants you access to an expansive body of water – for, we have a large swimming pool that is ideal for extended swimming sessions. To maximise the benefits of your swim you could practise a variety of strokes and mastering proper breathing techniques is crucial too. You could also reach out to an in-house swimming instructor for swimming tips. Once you are done with your swim sessions, you could take a dip in the jacuzzi for some pampering.

Things to remember

Remember to not exerting yourself too much – prolonged swimming sessions could even contribute to muscle and tissue damage. Do not dive and jump directly into the waters unless the pool permits diving. You could always ask the hotel staff or lifeguards about the restrictions for the pool. Another important thing to keep in mind is to wear appropriate swimwear.