Top Benefits Of Choosing A Hotel With Conference Facilities

August 26, 2021

Choosing a hotel with conference facilities to host your corporate events could be quite beneficial for several reasons. Here are a few such reasons as to why you should pick hotels with event venues instead of stand-alone conference spaces.

Get support on event management

If you are looking for a conference or a meeting space in Bangkok, hotel establishments the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel will be an ideal option to consider for it comes replete with event management services as well. This means you could entirely rely on our professional staff and event managers to organise and plan the perfect event for you.

Professional Staff

For additional assistance and support, you could obtain help from the staff who are trained to offer a competitive-best-in-class service for business professionals.

Access to audio-visual equipment and amenities

Stand-alone event venues don’t usually come kitted with the required equipment and most of the time they do not come replete with amenities. Event venues at hotels, on the other hand, feature distinctive facilities, all the necessary audiovisual equipment at your disposal, and even exclusive amenities for your invitees.

Other Business Facilities

Our hotel establishment features a fully equipped business centre that is well-equipped with separate workstations and communication facilities. you could access it when you host a corporate event or a meeting at our establishment upon request.

Accommodation options

One of the significant reasons that you should choose a hotel for your corporate event is the availability of exclusive accommodation options. Pathumwan Princess Hotel features a wide array of abodes that are meticulously curated to meet the needs of business professionals. And also, it is so much convenient to attend an event without having to head out.

Catering Facilities

You might already be aware that treating your delegates properly goes a long way when it comes to strengthening your business connections. What better way could you find other than letting your delegates and invitees indulge in a delectable dining experience while they attend your event? Most of the hotel establishments like ours have catering services on their list of offerings and a smart and opportunist corporate leader should always opt for this option!