Songkran, the Iconic Thai Water Festival

April 12, 2022

The great nation of Thailand is known for its historical places, pristine beaches, cultural attractions, and, most importantly, vibrant traditional festivals. Amongst the numerous festivals in Thailand, the traditional Thai New Year festival holds a special place in the hearts of Thai people. Also known as “Songkran” — which means “moving” or “approaching” — this exuberant festival involves throwing water at each other.

Celebrated annually from the 13th to the 15th of April, Songkran involves many people gathering in the streets and celebrating the event on a grand scale. Whilst many Thai people may splash water playfully during the event, it also represents purifying others with water used to clean images and statues of Lord Buddha.

The 3-day festival is full of celebrations, including cleaning houses and temples, offering alms to Buddhist monks, honouring parents, enjoying mouth-watering traditional food, spending time with your loved ones, and more. Although the traditional Thai new year festival takes place in April, the warmest month of the year, getting soaked in water can be a refreshing experience for anyone!

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