Christmas guide when in Bangkok – Thailand’s take on Christmas

December 30, 2021

The bustling capital of Thailand is everything you’d expect it to be. It’s busy and crowded, but amid all the chaos lie the gems of Bangkok. The city is exuberant all year long, but Christmas is an extraordinary time for the city; this is when the city comes alive with groups of tourists trotting around on the lookout for a taste of Christmas, among the towering Christmas trees adorned with lights.

Seasonal discounts aren’t the only thing offered to you by the shopping malls here during December; they also set about a reminder that it’s Christmas. Every shopping mall in Bangkok is decorated with no expense spared to make it as Christmassy as possible.

Christmas festivities
Visit Asiatique for the season’s festivities. Despite the high temperature, the entertainment complex manages to release a vibrant Christmassy feel, with its illuminated bazaar, Ferris wheel and shopping mall. Visitors are offered great dining options too!

Christmas dinner
Every major restaurant in the city and every Bangkok hotel near BTS puts together a Christmas dinner menu. Tourist hotels, in particular, make sure that their guests are given a chance to celebrate Christmas. Our skilled chefs at Pathumwan Princess Hotel take it upon them to treat our guests to a memorable Christmas dinner! You can also pop into our bar for a bit of intoxication coupled with great music.

Ice skating
The tropical character of Bangkok doesn’t have to deprive you of the joys of the winter. Central Wrold is a huge shopping mall with an ice-skating rink. The Christmas tree, the music and all the string lights are sure to add a seasonal relish to your ice-skating.

Visit Santa
If you are travelling with kids, you should take them to visit Santa at K Village. The Christmas market here offers everything seasonal, and nothing can be more Christmassy than meeting Santa on Christmas. The village is located within the region of Sukhumvit Soi 26; the place is understandably crowded, which makes the spirit of Christmas more resplendent.