How To Enjoy An Ideal Family Getaway To Bangkok

November 22, 2020

With travel restrictions and the risks of the pandemic still at bay, Thailand’s borders are still closed for tourists with a few exceptions. But if you are a Thai citizen or a traveller in Bangkok stationed with your family, here is how to enjoy a family getaway without contracting the virus.


Book your stay at a versatile hotel property

With leading hotels the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel being cautious about health and safety measures and Bangkok hotel deals in full swing, this is the ideal time to plan your family staycation at a premier hotel establishment. These accommodation options also come equipped with a variety of family entertainment facilities and kid-friendly amenities so that you could enjoy a memorable stay with your loved ones.


Let them enjoy unique dining experiences

While you are staying at a fully-fledged accommodation option the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel, you get the opportunity to indulge in multiple dining settings; this is because the property has a wide array of restaurants. Since you cannot head out freely as before, you could alternate your choice of dining between the restaurants and enjoy unique dining experiences with your loved ones.


Give your children time to relax

Make sure that you let your children bring their handheld consoles or give them some time to watch their favourite cartoons – allow them monitored and scheduled screen time so that they don’t feel bored. In the meantime, let them take plenty of rest – during your stay at a hotel let them sleep for a while longer, let them enjoy a bubble bath and make sure that they relish the time which they spend at the abode.


Visit the attractions adhering to safety guidelines

Due to the current state of the world which is under the clutches of the pandemic visiting frequently travelled attractions is not a good idea. But if following the right safety measures visiting attractions that do not attract much crowds could be safe. So ensuring that you follow the safety guidelines and opting for a private mode of transport from your hotel, you could visit the safe attractions to accentuate your holiday experience.