7 Ways to stay safe when travelling in Bangkok

December 15, 2021

The capital of Thailand is a dynamic city with a pulsating tourist scene; culture, history, and religion all come together to create the intoxicating mix of attractions that Bangkok offers. From markets to shopping malls and temples, the city is packed with things to do and see. While the City of Smiles is perfectly safe for tourists, you need to make sure you don’t invite risk.

Keeping your valuables on you while travelling around Bangkok isn’t a good idea; its better to leave things like money, credit cards, and jewellery in your hotel room. For the best protection, choose a place like Pathumwan Princess Hotel where guests are provided with an in-room electronic safe.

Bangkok street markets are a veritable paradise for food lovers, but it is better not to eat everything you see. The hygiene of some food places is dubious, so it’s best to eat at your hotel’s onsite restaurant whenever possible and find a clean coffee shop in Bangkok for your morning coffee.

Taking a tuk-tuk is undoubtedly the most authentic way of travelling around, but Bangkok tuk-tuk drivers are notorious for fleecing tourists, so you need to either agree on a rate before getting in or get your hotel to arrange transport for you.

Bars and pubs
Bangkok’s very air is permeated with party vibes and it’s impossible not to want to go partying when in Bangkok. Exploring the city’s nightlife is a must, but you should be careful as to how you do it. For instance, you shouldn’t go to ill-reputed places, and you certainly shouldn’t accept drinks or food from strangers.

Drinking water
Falling sick while on vacation is the last thing any tourist would want, so you should be careful of what you eat and drink. Tap water in Bangkok is far from hygienic, so tourists are advised to only drink bottled water or water provided by their hotel.

After dark
Bangkok bars, pubs, and clubs come alive at night and the street markets become crowded with tourists and locals. While exploring Bangkok at night is a must-do, you shouldn’t do it while drunk. If you are planning a night tour of the city, it’s best to be in the company of a trusted guide or a group of friends.

Keep in touch
Make sure you keep in contact with your family or friends back home. Always update them on your whereabouts and provide them with the hotel’s address and a way to contact you.