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Sports Zone

For the active – and for those just wanting some fun – The Olympic Club’s Sports Zone has it all. Our facilities are modern and designed to professional standards, with full consideration to eliminating injuries.

Badminton, Squash and Tennis courts require booking and will incur a rental charge.


A standard size air-conditioned court with Taraflex floor designed to enhance movement and activity.


Two full size squash courts with professional-standard lighting and an Air-Touch floor system designed to minimize bumping and reduce joint injuries.


One full size tennis courts with imported artificial grass and optimum brightness levels.


500 meters of treelined pathways around the outside of the Sports Zone, with cooling breezes and great views.


A half size court plus basket balls, ready for guests’ use, free of charge.

Muay Thai

A full size Muay Thai boxing ring, with professional trainers available.

Other health & lifestyle


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