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Ping’s Hotpot Restaurant

Giving you an enticing yet fun approach to dining, The hotpot is an Asian classic that adds more colour to family and social gatherings. Here at Ping’s Hotpot Restaurant, with carefully selected ingredients and profound culinary skills, our chefs take the traditional hotpot experience one step further! Infused with traditional Thai herbs and spices the hotpot blends unique flavours along with fresh condiments that go with it.

Visit our iconic hotpot restaurant and join in for a fun and flavour-rich dining experience. Savour delectably fresh ingredients flavoured by a broth prepared to perfection at one of the best Bangkok hot pot restaurants surrounded by a tranquil setting. Embrace the habit of hospitality and the spirit of sharing a meal with your loved ones in the heart of Bangkok at Ping’s Hotpot Restaurant.

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Special Notes


+66 (0) 2216-3700 Ext. 20225


2nd Floor

Daily Open

11.30 AM – 2.00 PM

Book a Table

45 Seats with 2 Private rooms (Maximum capacity 15 persons)

Dress code

Smart Causal