Wat Suthat

This is the official temple of King Rama VIII of Rattanakosin period housing his majesty sculpture within the compound Wihan houses “ Phrasi Sakayamunee” as the principal Sukhothai Buddha bronze image in the Subduing Mara posture. Ubosot, which is quoted for the longest of its kind in Thailand, houses Phra phutta Trilokkachet as the principal Buddha image in the Subduing Mara posture, larger than other Buddha images cast during Ratanakosin period . This temple is noted for its superb murals in the main chapel as same as Santa Maria delle Grazia which is acclaimed of its frescoed painting of Leonardo da Vinci’s.

Location : The Giant Swing Compound, opposite Bangkok City Hall, Kwaeng Saochingcha, Khet Phra Nakhon

Distance : Approximately 30 minutes away from the Pathumwan Princess Hotel by car

by car 30 mins walking 45 mins

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