Saphan Phut (Memorial Bridge) Night Market

It is the heaven of shopper that want clothe that very cheap. The selling item is second hand jean. And if you want to choose some watch or bag is available also. Although, the items for decorate your house like the LED colors. Another corner of the bridge is the corner for drawing picture. They will draw cartoon to travesty or real picture. Saphan Phut is not one of the major markets where most of the tourists go. The prices are cheaper and the market is really more for the local Thai people. Its also – the way it used to be. The usual collection of clothes, fashions, music and general goods is available at Saphan Phut, all sporting the genuine labels and logos. Bartering is almost unnecessary as the prices are so much less expensive any, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from trying. Some of the goods are second hand, which is quite unusual in Thailand as locals do not like the idea of second hand anything.

Location : Saphan Phut

Operating Day : Thursday - Tuesday

Operating Time : 08:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

Distance : Approximately 20 minutes away from the Pathumwan Princess Hotel by car

by car 20 mins walking 1 hour

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