Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum

Remember the days before fax, internet and SMS messages when all correspondence was placed in an envelop and taken to the post office where you bought stamps and stuck them in the top right hand corner of the envelop If it was urgent, you paid a little bit more and the man put an Airmail sticker in the top left hand corner. Sam Sen Nai Philatelic Museum takes you through the history of the postal service in Thailand and the world. There are displays of all the Thai stamps and First Day Covers up until today. There is also a collection of stamps from around the world. The postal service keeps evolving as new technology and logistics systems emerge. But for most of the people of Thailand and the world, it is still an essential service. Who doesn't look forward to opening the mail and who is not intrigued when they see a stamp from a foreign land. This museum is the place to visit for stamp collectors and all who have an interest in postal services.

Location : Samsen Nai Post Office, Bangkok

Operating Day : Wednesday - Sunday

Operating Time : 09:00 A.M. - 04:00 P.M.

Distance : Approximately 40 minutes away from the Pathumwan Princess Hotel by car

by car 40 mins  walking 1.20 hour

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