Chatuchak Weekend Market

Here in Bangkok, do not worry if you missed any shopping trip on the other days because nearly everything you ever wish to buy are gathered here at Chatuchak Weekend Market. Situated on Phahon Yothin Road in the south side of Chatuchack Park, this market offers an enormous variety of goods, from second-hand books, handicrafts and products from all regions of Thailand, silk and antiques to fresh products, accessories, ceramics, plants, and even pets@ in this market of around 14 hectares, there are approximately 15,000 stalls. So it you find something you like BUY IT as you may not find that stall again! When visiting the market, dress lightly as it can be very hot. Although the weekend market is located to the north of Bangkok, it can be conveniently reached by the BTS Skytrain or MRT Subway. It is officially open on Fridays from 06:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M. and on Saturdays and Sundays from 08:00 A.M. - 06:00 P.M. All in all, Bangkok is not only rich in cultural attractions and culinary pleasures, it has also become Southeast Asias entertainment hub and shopping paradise, earning a reputation for offering anything you want at the price you satisfy. It is like nowhere else in the world. So enjoy!

Location : Phahom Yothin Road in the south side of Chatuchack Park

Operating Day : Friday - Sunday

Operating Time : Friday 06:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.

Saturday - Sunday 08:00 A.M. - 06:00 P.M.

Distance : Approximately 30 minutes away from the Pathumwan Princess Hotel by car

by car 30 mins  walking 1.30 hour

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