Be Sweet this Mothers Day

T@lobby on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel would like to help you celebrate Mothers Day by offering a selection of beautiful pound cakes. Each is tastefully decorated to convey your sincerest thoughts on this special occasion. Select light and airy fillings like creamy vanilla or indulgent chocolate, sure to send a message of

Savory Tarts Exploding with Flavor

Choose from 5 delectable savory tarts at T@lobby on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel. Enjoy rich cheesy selections exploding with flavor, including: crispy bacon, tender mushroom, fresh asparagus, baked salmon and classic spinach. Each is handmade and served warm, making it a perfect lunch-on-the-go option or a great midday snack. Slices are just

Fighting Fit: Muay Thai Classes

Pathumwan Princess Hotel’s Olympic Club on the 8th Floor is excited to introduce Muay Thai sessions to its extensive range of fitness classes. To affirm the sheer results that can be achieved through a Muay Thai fitness regimen, one only needs to look at the amazing physique of Thailand’s Muay Thai fighters. The style demands

Fruity Beer Trio

Studio Bar on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel knows that with a little attention to detail, everything can be improved. This time the bars skillful mixologists set their sights on Thai beer. Their experiments yielded interesting and flavorful results. The best of which are included in a limited time offering of a fruity