Family Vacation Plus – Siam Ocean World (2 nights)

Parents can relax and enjoy the luxury of an ExecuPlus Suite as kids appreciate their own range of amenities, own beds, daily breakfast at CiTi BiSTRo and in-room activities that include daily ice-cream, personal DVD players, kid’s movies and cartoons. For mums and dads with little ones under six years of age, daily baby sitting is also

Dynamic Tension

Dynamic Tension Body Weight Exercise Classes Ideal for all ages gender and body types, and first made famous in the 1920′s by Charles Atlas, dynamic tension exercises which use both isometric and isotonic leverage pitting your own Body Weight and muscle groups against each other, is a wonderful low impact perfectly safe resistance training method which

Flower Flavoured Cocktails

If Flowers Produce Juice, Here’s Where You’ll Find It Come and try our rather unique range of Flower Flavoured Cocktails at Studio Bar on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel. Guarantee to freshen the palate, take the edge off, and revitalize your taste buds and senses! Namely Jasmine Blink a mixture of vodka, green

Refreshingly Shining Sundaes

As the considerable heat of summer approaches, cool down with one of our Delightfully Refreshing Ice-cream Sundaes at t@Lobby on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel. All of our ice-cream is lovingly handmade with more than 10 flavours to choose from. Creamy vanilla, chocolate chip, coffee, tiramisu, blueberry, raspberry, and passion fruit just to name