Fancy a Coco Mountain?

t@Lobby’s December Special is a true sensation. The uniquely tart-and-sweet grenadine syrup is cascaded over crushed ice, then topped with chocolate bar, Oreo biscuit, jelly bears and condensed milk for an amazing taste experience. The Coco Mountain Fancy can be savored throughout the month for only THB 170 per glass.   t@Lobby: Ground Floor of

Festive Winter Desserts at t@Lobby

The festive season is coming and t@Lobby is already celebrating with traditional favorites, “Panattone”, a rich, fruit-filled sweet bread and “Christmas Pudding” – rich, fruity and flavorsome, served with creme anglaise – both available for just THB 140 per serving. And, for those wanting  something special for all the family, there is a delicious “Fruit

Regional Squid Speciality at Kongju

Traditional Korean dish O Jing O Sundae Guyi – succulent grilled squid, filled with sticky rice, Korean noodles and chili paste – is Kongju’s special menu item in December, for THB 300 per dish. A tasty and spicy dish, it is a speciality of the north-eastern rural province of Gangwon, a tourist destination well-known for

Saffron Ravioli filled with Flavor

Throughout the month of December, award-winning Loop Italian Restaurant is offering its saffron ravioli, with spicy salami, mascarpone cheese and roast pumpkin for just THB 460 per dish. Chef Roberto Panariello’s delicious handmade ravioli is stuffed with delicious ingredients, decorated with crispy parma ham and coated in a light truffle sauce, to create a dish