Creative Mixes, Inventive Names

The cocktail mixologists at Studio Bar never cease to amaze with their creative mixes and fabulous names – where else would you find sweet and aromatic “Mud Martini” (Vodka, Chambourd, Blackberry liqueur), peachy “Bloody Virgin” (Southern Comfort, Beetroot syrup, Lime and Cherry juices) or creamy “The Mist” (Kalua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, banana, Coffee and Vanilla

Childhood Classics

Classic childhood favorites ice cream, yogurt, jelly and Oreo, the world’s favorite cookie, are recipe ingredients in two novel October drink “Specials” at t@Lobby. Large, handled, glass tankards of “Jelly Bean” and “Soil Shake” can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, all day long, throughout the month, for only THB 170 per serving.  

Halloween Pumpkin Surprise

What would October be without Halloween – and Halloween without pumpkins? To ensure guests don’t miss out, t@Lobby has created its own special Pumpkin Custard tart, with baked pumpkin, vanilla cream and custard cream. Perfect to be taken with t@Lobby’s renowned afternoon tea, it can be enjoyed throughout October for only THB 140 per serving.

A Vegetarian Festival at Kongju

In recognition of October’s annual vegetarian festival, Bangkok’s most renowned Korean restaurant has created three enticing vegetarian dishes – Yoon Geiun Jeon, a characteristic pumpkin and carrot dish; Mixed Vegetable BBQ platter; Ya Che Kang Jeong, mixed vegetables stir-fried with garlic and chili. All three are available for just THB 300 per dish throughout the