Jacks Back

Drop by the STUDiO Bar on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel and say hi to Jack. This month our mixologists shake up a selection of cocktails featuring Tennessee’s biggest export, Jack Daniels. Try an Apple Jack (Jack Daniels and apple juice over ice), Lynchburg Lemonade (Jack Daniels, orange liquor, lemonade slide, lemon juice

In Sam Kalbee

Praised for its natural medicinal qualities, ginseng is featured with In Sam Galbi at Kongju Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel all this month. Delight in succulent slithers of grilled beef or pork spareribs alongside crunchy deep-fried pieces of ginseng. Served with fresh chili for a hint of spice and tangy soy

Tong Sam Kyub Sai

Kongju Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel introduces Tong Sam Kyub Sai. Divine slices of tender steamed pork that dissolve upon first bite. Plated with an aromatic vegetable slaw of zucchini and spring onion tossed in a light and zesty Korean dressing, with fired garlic and lettuce for wrapping, it’s a combination

The Freshest Catch – BBQ Seafood Buffet

Don’t be afraid to go back for another plate at CiTi Bistro’s Thai Seafood & BBQ Buffet located on the Ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel.  Come 2, pay for 1 in honor of the hotel’s 19th anniversary and prepare to be amazed by an impressive array of fresh gulf-caught seafood. Sample luscious shellfish like