Shaken Not Stirred

Yes, one of the most iconic lines from the Bond movies that you can actually put to good use,… at Studio Bar on the ground level of Pathumwan Princess Hotel. Choose from our unique martini range, 007 Martini, Lychee Martini, or Citrus martini in our Chic, stylish semi circle bar, with mood lighting sure to

Doe Gee Gogi Soo Yok, A Korean Favorite

The perfect lunch. A not too heavy way to sustain your day. Boiled pork with our can’t get enough of seasoning sauce, or Dark Galbee, stir fried chicken and vegetables with chilli paste sauce. 2 very fine options at the original and the best BBQ charcoal Korean restaurant in town, Kongju, located on the 2nd floor of


Feast on a fabulously traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings… just like mom used to make back home!. One of the best opportunities of the year to unite family and friends as is most commonly celebrated in the U.S and Canada. But also right here in Bangkok, at Citi Bistro, on ground floor of

Affogato Coffee…With Ice Cream

Been a long day?, lot’s on your mind?…then reward yourself with a little indulgent treat; beautifully presented, aromatic Affogato coffee, with a choice of 3 classic ice cream flavors, chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate chip…. the perfect pairing. Available at the very stylish t@Lobby on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel for a scoop of