Summer Sensations

Chill out, literally, at t@Lobby this April and enjoy a range of flavor-filled fruit juices and shakes at t@Lobby where a fine range of refreshing beverages awaits, stylishly served and garnished to put a rejuvenating step into your summertime. Make your choice from the richly infused “Earl Grey Berry”; surprise your taste buds with a

Mango Mania

April is the unofficial month of the mango throughout Thailand; the peak of the summer is the ideal time to try this iconic juicy fruit. t@Lobby will be paying homage to the ripe, melt-in-your-mouth mangoes with a special Mango Mania promotion. Get your seasonal fill of cakes and desserts, such as the unmissable “New York

A Wonderfully Waffley Way to Start the Day

Make the most of the outstanding fruits bursting into the summer season with a waffle breakfast at t@Lobby. Available throughout April, guests can pick from a fruity selection of light, fluffy waffles topped with fresh bananas, blueberries & delicious vanilla mascarpone, or refreshing watermelon, orange, papaya & cream. Those who prefer a savory start to

Chef Roberto’s Magical Milanese

Indulge with the classic Milanese dish ‘Ossobuco alla milanese e dadolata di funghi’ at The Loop Italian Restaurant this April. Made with cross-cut wagyu beef braised to perfection with a white wine broth and mixed vegetables, ossobuco is a rich, tasty dish packed full of wonderful flavors. Join Chef Roberto on a trip to Milan