Coconut Sweet Treats

Coconut Sweet Treats at t@Lobby Celebrations during the Thai New Year are almost upon us and it would be remiss of our master patissiers here at t@Lobby on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel to not honour the occasion by creating something truly delicious ….. so they have! All Coconut in Flavour, which is the most

Traditional Thai Cuisine Fair

At Citi BiSTRo on the ground floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel, we invite you to experience the diversity of traditional Thai cuisine from various regions over the Thai New Year period (April) Kao Shae from the central region features Thai jasmine rice accompanied by 5 side dishes all of which blend perfectly. From the Northern region

Tasty Lamb Cuisine

Tasty Lamb Cuisine @ Loop Chef Lanka Fernando, Hotel Executive Chef invites the lamb and cheese lovers to taste our Fresh Lamb Dishes throughout April. As you will fall in love with our Ravioli of braised lamb and topped with ricotta cheese – Italian Pasta filled with softly melted tasty lamb and scented with perfectly


‘Samgyetang’ Traditional Korean Chicken Soup Widely renowned for its many health benefits as well as its flavourful chicken ginseng soup, Madam Kim Hanna of Kongju Korean Restaurant on the 2nd floor of Pathumwan Princess Hotel presents ‘Samgyetang’ a traditional Korean Ginseng Soup. Without divulging too much, the broth is created after whole chickens stuffed with